RF Networking & Solution

RF is commonly used in the wireless communications industry to describe equipment using radio frequency waves to transmit sounds and data from one point to another. In computer networking, RF is used to describe network devices(hubs, bridges, etc.) that transmit data signals using radio waves instead of datacables or telephone lines.

  • Long distance wireless connectivity - upto 40 kms
  • Connects different offices, plants of same organization.

Uses of RF Technology

  • Data Sharing
    (Internet, ERP, File Sharing, Resource Sharing)
  • Video Conferencing
  • Video Surveillance
  • IP Phone
  • Fax

Benefits of RF

  • High Bandwidth - 5 to 100 Mbps (Based upon the requirement)
  • Private Network
  • One-time Cost (No recurring charges)
  • IP Phone
  • No license required for frequency band - 2.4 and 5.7 GHz